Saturday, May 3, 2008

Parties R Fun!

This morning, we had Andy's birthday party at Jumping Party. I didn't think I was ready for the whole having a party somewhere else, but it was awesome! No pre-cleaning, no clean-up!!! The kids had a blast! Andy doesn't actually turn four until Tuesday, but he's been saying that he's four for about 2 weeks now, so who cares??? Here are some of the highlights:

Andy LOVES to climb and slide and climb and slide...Ben only ate the icing!
Collin showed Mika how to use the "blower thingy"
Two of my favorite Power Rangers!

A super fun day! Andy told my mom tonight the the best part of the party was playing with his friends (awwww). Yes, indeed!

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deneise said...

what a super fun party! thanks for letting us come!