Tuesday, January 31, 2012

hey, guess what!!!

I am going to have ANOTHER nephew!!!!! He should be here sometime in July!

And...I had to type in three different passwords to log into blogger. It's been a while!

That sweet baby boy I last blogged about is now a busy little 16 month old. He WILL NOT say my name, but he really does love me. As long as Poppy, Nana, Momma, or Daddy aren't around. And as long as I have goldfish or a cup for him to drink out of in my hand. But he sure is a cutie!!

There are two other sweet (is that the right word?) boys in my life who are growing up too fast. Benji is in Kindergarten this year, and I love having him and Andy in the building with me. Ben loves school, and has some great friends in his class. He is also starting to sorta/kinda like basketball. Kevin and I have the honor of coaching his team this season, and they are fun! Well, I am more like the team mom--keep them in line, remind them to take a drink between periods, that kind of thing. Kevin is the real coach. Ben is also finally taking a slight interset in reading. He's gotten pretty good, but he hates to practice!

Andy is LOVING second grade. He has two adequate teachers. Ha!! Just kidding!! He has the two best teachers in Texas!!!!! He loves school, too. He is pretty sure he's the smartest kid on campus, but he usually works hard, anyway. He has become a pretty decent baseball and basketball player. I love to watch him play!

Life is crazy/busy right now, but we are loving it!