Friday, May 16, 2008

3 different things

Well, I didn't want to write three separate posts, but I have 3 things to talk about:

1. Am I a loser??? The boys are at my parents' house all night tonight, and all Kevin and I came up with was dinner (at P.F. Chang's-yum!), Barnes & Noble, and home. And when we got home, Kevin went to the bedroom to read while I sat down to watch the season finale of The Office. Ummm...does this mean I am getting old? Okay, who am I kidding, this is how I have always been! But, am I a loser?

2. Our third graders went on a field trip to Casa Manana this week. I wrote a reminder on the board a few days ago: "Casa on Thursday--bring a sack lunch." So on Wednesday, as I reminded the class about bringing a lunch, one of my confused kiddos says, "Why do we need a lunch? Can't we eat there?" I say, "No, we are eating at the park. They don't serve food." He says, "But, that's what they do..." I'm like, "Huh???" He says, "Taco Casa. They make food there." " I'm with you. Yeah, we are actually going to Casa MANANA. It's a theater." I've said it before, I'll say it again...I love my class!

3. So, the 2 or 3 of you that read this blog already know this, but Emily rocks! She is just the best kind of person. Someone you know you can depend on, even at the very last minute. And she doesn't make you feel dumb for not knowing everything, or anything, in my case, about A/V equipment. (A/V equipment make me think of Napoleon Dynamite, which makes me laugh.) And so, not only did she make sure movie day happened for third grade, she also generously agreed to coach our football team. And she even knows what she's talking about. She said something to them about a running play, and I was thinking "What the heck is a running play? Don't they run on every play???" Well, that's why she's coaching and I am helping the cheerleaders.
So those were the three things I wanted to say.


Emily said...

ahhh, you're so nice! You totally ROCK for the Diet Coke yesterday, absolutely made my day!

And, just for fun...

Can you bring me my chapstick? My lips hurt real bad! :)

deneise said...

of course you're a loser!! whatever...that sounds like a perfect night to me!! :)