Monday, April 28, 2008

Going to Hollywood, Baby!

So, the secret talent turns out to be rapping. I have always been a great wrapper, but recently, I've learned that I pretty much rock the mike when I rap.

So, tomorrow is a big day at our school (I guess for lots of Texas schools), so "they" decided that the kids would love to watch their teachers make fools of themselves...and fools we were, indeed! But, the kids loved it, and my group made it to Hollywood! Don't know exactly when the tickets will arrive.

Here we are!


Left to right: Erin (teaching BFF), Grace (my student teacher/Erin's sister) and me.

And my friends Emily and Patti.

And this is my good friend Jennifer, AKA Muffy Midler. Muffy loves the movie Beaches so much that she moved to Florida. She was da bomb!

So, all in all, a very rewarding day. As much as I dreaded this whole "Power Rally," it helped me remember that my job is all about those sweet kids. The looks on their faces when we started...priceless. My students ROCK!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm loving my new blog look! Neesie, I'm gonna show you all the neat tricks I've learned about blogging! (Most of them were explained to me by Emily!)
And, by the way, I have discovered a talent that I never knew I had, but you'll have to wait till Monday to see the pictures. Because, unfortunately, there will probably be pictures.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Do you know how... remove CRAYON from carpet??? I don't! I am just hoping that it magically disappears one day! Apparently, Ben thought Andy's room could use a touch of color, so he colored some of the carpet purple and some orange. Beautiful! Ben's really into coloring things that really need no color these days. Saturday, the boys were coloring with markers at the table--no big deal. But, I guess Ben thought it would be super to look like the red Power Ranger. So, that's when I discovered the markers they were using are NOT washable! Oops...His hands were still pink the next day at church. Sunday night I scrubbed them so hard he told me I was hurting his skin! I threw the markers away.
In other news, Andy's class has been studying the solar system and the other night we were checking out the stars. I explained to him that we can only see stars at night, and he said, "Well, there's one star we only see during the day." I say, "No, we can only see them at night." He gently reminds me, "Well, the sun is a star and you can't see it at night." Oh, yeah.
(So if anyone reading this happens to have a child in my class, I promise I explained things the right way there! I even explained how Pluto is no longer considered a planet, remember???)
And Happy Earth Day!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

How nice!

And I just wanted to say that Blogger does a really nice job with the posotive when you publish a post it says "Your post has been published successfully!" It really makes me feel like I have done something great. Thanks, Blogger!


I love every little thing about Ben. He even makes me laugh when he's in trouble. Like the time he bit Andy (right on the booty) and he hid under his crib so we wouldn't find him. Or when I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do, he says, "That's not a great idea." And I love, love, love it when he says, "I luh you mama." He really is so sweet...most of the time. Last weekend, at Nana and Poppy's, the boys were helping in the yard. Ben had the job of sweeping, but Andy really wanted the broom. So as Andy basically has a meltdown about it, Ben walks over to him, shoves the broom towards him, and says, "How 'bout a little fire, Scarecrow?" I wasn't there, but I'm told he said it very much like the Wicked Witch of the West. Maybe a little less Wizard of Oz around here???

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New to you!

These are old pictures that I came across, but you've probably never seen them. Truthfully, I haven't seen them since I took them off the camera! Enjoy!

My all-time favorite of Ben


Oh, so sweet

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Oh, yay me! I actually got a picture to post! I'm gonna try another...

This is one of my faves--Peter Pan and Captain Hook go camping.


So...last night I took the boys to my mom and dad's to spend the night (thanks, Nana and Poppy!). I was getting ready to come home, but needed to go potty first. So, as I flush the toilet (is this TMI for a blog???), my keys fly out of my pocket and down they go!!! I FLUSHED my KEYS down the TOILET! OOPS! They are gone! Those keys, by the way, were the second set I had for my car because I lost the first set, and Kevin won't let me use his set because he thinks I might lose them. He's so pessimistic...Fortunatly, last week I found the old set in the pocket of a coat I hadn't worn in a while.

In other news, Andy and I went to a friend's birthday party this afternoon. While he and the birthday boy snooped through the presents, Andy dropped one under a chair. Apparently, he bonked his head as he bent down! Can you see that bonk? There was no crying--just worried about getting the present.

Monday, April 7, 2008

I'm gonna need some help!

Okay, so I am going to need a big ol' tutorial on how to post pictures and make this look super cute. I thought I put a picture in that first post!

So I want to use this blog as a place to remember all the hilarious (and not-so-hilarious) things my boys say/do, so here's one about Andy: He had a substitute teacher today, and he asked me at dinner if I knew what her name was. I, of course, say no, because I did not bother to introduce myself to her (I was ready to be home!). So I asked, "Do you know her name?" Andy says, "Not ezatly (exactly), but I know the first part was Miss." Yeah, he's a genius.


Ummm...I am going to try my hand at this whole blogging thing. Apparently, it's the thing to do these days. And since I am all about staying ahead of the curve, I thought I should go ahead and jump out there. Kevin says if Neesie can do it, anyone can! (But, for the record, I think Neesie can do anything!) And I am joking about staying ahead of the curve. I'm pretty much the last person I know to start blogging.

So this is the first of what I am sure will be many interesting, edge-of-your-seat episodes in the life of this great family-The Deatons.

I am really nervous to click "publish"--I have butterflies in my stomach! Here goes!