Wednesday, June 4, 2008


So, today was the last day of school for what I think may be the best class ever grouped together. I am so sad. Not every day was perfect, but we had so much fun. Even the bad days were bearable, because I just love those kids so much. They are a group that knows how to get along-they were caring towards each other and helped each other out. You just don't get that every year (or even most years). But, I realize that they have to move on. I had nearly gotten to the point where I was ready to send them on to fourth grade. My time with them was awesome, but I knew they were ready to move on to bigger, more challenging things. However, at our awards ceremony yesterday, as we recalled all the fun times we had, I started unravelling a little. And when I woke up this morning, I knew I was not going to need any mascara would have been a waste! I am so proud of this group. They work hard because they know they should. They make good choices because they have learned that it's the right thing to do. This is in NO way a reflection on me--most of them came to me with those things already in place. But it sure is cool to get to be a part of their lives everyday as they discover who they are and how to solve problems without asking me. I am so sad. But, even with all my tears today, not one of those little angels cried. They were more than ready to say goodbye. Now, I am sure that when the newness of summer wears off, they will start thinking, "Boy, I miss Ms. D. I wish I was back in 3rd grade!" Yeah, right.
Now, I must say, that I DO love summer. I am so glad to be home with my boys all day!!! They are so much fun, too. So, this is the "sweet" part. Summer is fun! Popsicles, water guns, sidewalk chalk, the pool, crocs, no ironing (except on Sundays!). YAY!
Happy summer!


Emily said...

I think we should try an experiment-let's see what happens when an entire class of third graders stays together for fourth grade! They sound like an amazing bunch-I'm glad you had such a great year. :)

Kristy said...

You had a HUGE part in those kids being great kids!! You are an amazing teacher!!

Thanks for a great year!!

Shellee said...

Uh...that would be a no, Emily, Abbee didn't get to be in Marcy's class! And, I'm sure she would have prolly ruined the dynamic of the group!

Judy said...

I'm going thru blogging withdrawal. I just knew that you'd be blogging a lot after school was out but alas, not. Hope ya'll are having a fun summer so far.