Tuesday, June 17, 2008

answered prayer???

Last Saturday morning, Andy asked me if we could ask God for a frog. I told him, sure, you could pray and ask God for that. A little later, the boys were playing and I heard Andy say, "Ben, stop talking to me! I am praying right now!" I looked at him and he was sitting with his sweet hands together and head bowed. When he finished, I asked what he was praying about and he said, "For a frog. And a cat. I want 2 pets." Oh, great! So Saturday night, we were outside playing in the backyard, and Kevin found a frog!!! Andy really wanted to bring him inside because he was pretty sure that God had sent that frog to our house! I had to explain that the frog would much rather live outside in the soft grass than in our house in a box. I told him I was sure God would keep sending the frog back so we could visit. Was that the right answer???
In other news, during the summer, I just pretty much let the boys dress themselves. Yesterday, they chose to wear cowboy boots (with no socks) and hats. Makes since, being that it was only about 400 degrees out. Here they are eating snowcones with Nana (Poppy didn't make the pictures!):

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Judy said...

I love the boy's fashion sense. They must take after Poppy. Also, I hope when God answers Andy's prayer that you don't get a cat that eats frogs.