Thursday, June 26, 2008

ben is funny!

While he was supposed to be napping, Ben was apparently having a fashion crisis. The red you see around his waist is actually a pair of shorts! He squeezed his whole self into one leg! I went to his room because I could tell he was sort of griping about something (I assumed he had just woken up grumpy). When I opened the door, he says, "Momma, I can't get the belt on!" I told him I would help him in just a sec--I had to grab the camera! But no worries--I got the belt secured and he can now tote around his Ninja Turtle sword. All is well!

We are leaving tomorrow for a few days in Galveston with our friends Lonnie, Adrean, and Brooklyn. Fun!!!

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Judy said...

Too funny !! Ya'll have fun in Galveston.