Thursday, August 27, 2009


Tonight, I walked to the boys' bathroom and heard a lot of laughing--never a good thing (right, Miss Estes?). Here's how it went:

Andy: Ben just flushed a TOY down the TOILET!!!
Me: WHAT??? What kind of toy???
Ben: (laughing, still) A dinosaur!
(Ben was quite proud!)
Me: What kind of dinosaur???

Okay, I was looking for stuffed, squishy, big, little...

Ben:.......a triceratops!

I was laughing too hard to be mad, and I went to tell Kevin the story. While I did that, Ben also flushed a car. As of now, the toilet is still working, but I'm sure soon enough we'll be seeing some aftershocks!


Emily said...

You're right!!! It's never a good thing when you hear laughing in a boy's bathroom! Your little guys are too funny! Andy totally made my day today when he said hi to me in the hallway!!

Nana said...

He did it because he takes after his Mommy! Remember you flushed your Expedition keys down our toilet. (you said it was an accident) After a day or so we had to call Roto Rooter, on a Saturday, after hours.