Sunday, October 25, 2009

long time, no blog/kindergarten

It's not that we have nothing going on, it's that by the time I get home, I don't want to think about the computer. But I did want to list a few things about Andy's Kindergarten year:

* He LOVES his teacher (and so do I)!!! She is so calm, and I am in awe every time I visit her room.
* He can READ! We have been working on sight words for a long time now, but it was always a chore for him. Now, he can't wait to get home to read something. He reads out loud to me, he reads to Ben, and he really loves for Daddy and me to read to him. He even loves to listen to chapter books! (This makes my heart happy!)
* He wants to write stories all the time. And they aren't too bad, considering he is 5. He stays on topic (usually animals) and puts his whole heart into it.
* He knows and UNDERSTANDS how to use the words respect, trustworthiness, and character. And he is SO proud that his class won Character Classroom for the first six weeks.
* He falls asleep on the way home almost every day. He is worn out after all that learning!
* He refuses to buy his lunch. Even on chicken strip day, I have to pack it. Which is a bit of a bummer for me, but I guess it's better for him.
* I get to see him during the day, and that is so cool! I love having him on campus with me. My class and his class are "buddies," so we get to hang out and do fun stuff with them every couple of weeks.

Here are a couple of pics (not related to Kindergarten!) that I took of the boys while I was cleaning the pool. They decided it would be okay to swim, though the water was a little chilly for my taste! Normally, they would wear actual swim trunks, but sometimes...

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Ashley Tremaine said...

They are getting so big!! I can't believe he is in Kindergarten!! Amazing! Great to see you guys saturday!