Monday, August 4, 2008

too much???

Okay, I really do not let my kids watch TV all day long.  I don't.  We do lots of other things during the day.  But, apparently what I am letting them watch is too much.  Because, the other day we went to my mom's house and as we walked up to the porch, the boys got really excited and start saying, "Nana got Aqua Globes!!!!!"  Wow.  This is a little glass thingy that you stick into potted plants so you don't have to worry about watering them and we know this because we have seen the info-mercial for them about a thousand times on this Power Ranger episode we have Tivoed.  (Is Tivo a verb?  Can I add -ed to the end of it?)  So, okay, that was kinda funny that they remembered that.
Well, then, this morning, the boys were sitting at Nana's table for breakfast and Andy sees a new grill cover, still in the bag.  "Oh, did Nana buy some Space Bags?"  I say, "Huh?  What's a Space Bag?"  He says, "You stick all your stuff in it and then put your vacuum in it and they get smaller."  
Proud moment, as I realize that this is another info-mercial that plays during Power Rangers.   So, I am feeling great guilt about the number of times they have watched Power Rangers this summer. 


Nana said...

Well it seems that I remember you use to know all the words to the songs on commercials. Andy is just so "Precious"; just ask him!
Love you,

Judy said...

Marcy, I shared this story at lunch today and it made my lunch buddies laugh. They especially liked Andy's explanation of the Space Bag. What a smart kid he is.