Friday, August 29, 2008

funny kids!

Benji:  When I was a little kid, my fray-vrit color was blue.  But big boys like orange and yellow.
(that big boy will be 3 in one week!)

Andy:  Today we got to play Play-Doh!  
Me:  I love Play-Doh!  What color did you get?
Andy:  Well, first I had pink and L (friend) had green.  L was crying because she doesn't like green, so I gave her my pink and I played with green.
Me:  Wow!  You are a very kind friend to L.
Andy:  The teacher told me trade with her.  You HAVE to do what your teacher says, even if you don't want to.
Oh...well, at least he understands that much!!! 

Our first official week of back-to-school and all that goes with that is almost over.  I forget every year how hard the first week is!  Andy loves Pre-K, though I am still having trouble leaving him in the CAFETERIA with about 13 million other kids.  He's fine with it, but I'm not.  Luckily, another parent doesn't love how it's all going down, either, so the problem is being handled.  I just pray every day on the way to school that each morning will be smoother than the last.  I can't wait till next year when he will be on campus with me!

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LeAnne said...

Hey Marcy, Just reading your blog and I so know the feeling. Carlie is now in 5th and goes to Gilliland and because she is "a big 5th grader" she needs to walk to and from school. This for me is a very hard thing to allow her to do but sometimes as parents we have to let them grow up. LOL
Miss ya and I love reading all your blogs. The boys are getting so big. TTYL, LeAnne