Monday, July 14, 2008

swim lessons-day 1

UGH! Andy started swim lessons today. He likes to swim and does all the usual stuff-splashing kicking, floating-while we are in the neighborhood pool. He's never really been afraid of the water. However, Andy changed his outlook on water today. He cried the entire time. I sat on the opposite side of the pool, where he couldn't really see me, and I could still hear him. The lessons are an hour long, and at about minute 37, he spotted me and ran away from the teacher to get to me. He was in trouble for that, but when I sat him down to gently, lovingly (ha!) tell him that he would be returning to the pool with his teacher, he was shaking. I do not know what came over him, but I think he was truly terrified. Still, I made him get back in the water and do one more activity with his teacher. I wasn't sure if I should be furious with him or heartbroken for him. I know he has to learn to swim, and I cannot teach him. But is it okay for me to force him to "face his fear?" I think I'm right-just keep going, even if he is scared to death? The more he goes, the more he'll understand that he's fine????? I am feeling like a bad mom right now. When I put him to bed, we prayed especially that God would help him have courage to go under the water and not cry. I, myself, am praying that his sweet teacher will find enough patience to get through these next two weeks! Hopefully, I'll have happy reports tomorrow.

By the way, while he was "cleaning" his room this afternoon, Andy found a toy (that he has only had for a few weeks) and he said, "Mom! Look what I found! I have been looking for this for several years!" :)

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Shellee said...

The fact that you're thinking it through shows you care deeply for your little swimmer. And, sometimes, it's not black and white...your motive is love...knowing how to swim keeps him safe. So, don't be so hard on yourself. I thinks it's good to encourage him to overcome his fear. But, after a few days, if you decide he's not ready, then he's not ready! But, look at my kids...what the heck do I know???!!!