Sunday, October 19, 2008

not much

I know it's been a while...
Right now, Kevin, Andy and Ben are playing in the tent that Kevin has set up in our dining room (We no longer have dining room furniture because we gave it to my brother). They are playing space ship and I am just sitting here listening to them play. The boys have amazing imaginations. They are blasting off to Mars. Then to the fairest times. ????? Kevin isn't real sure what that means...maybe the fair? We went to the fall festival at my school yesterday--maybe that is where that came from.
And for today's Bible lesson...Andy's class talked about King Saul last week. He told me this morning on the way to church that "Saul used to be just a plain, old farmer with a farmer's hat. Then God gave him a crown and he took off the farmer hat and put it on. Then he got to be the KING of the Isrealites." I'm pretty sure those were his exact words. I love him so much.


Uncle D and Aunt J said...

Having worked with Andy's age in SS for more years than I want to remember, I'm very impressed that he remembered that Saul "got to be the KING of the Israelites." They can usually remember that he was King but of the Israelites is very impressive.

deneise said...

wow! he must have a great sunday school teacher!