Sunday, November 15, 2009

alphabet zoo






Frog, Giraffe, Horse, Iguana

Jaguar, Kangaroo, Lion

Monkey, (tiny) Nightengale

Octopus, Pig, Quail, Rhino (hard to see because it's sooo tiny, Snake, Tiger, Unicorn, Vulture, Whale, X-Ray Fish, Yak, Zebra

Andy and Ben made an alphabet zoo tonight! If they couldn't find the animal they wanted in their closets, they just drew them! Then, they took Kevin and me on a tour of the "zoo." It was super fun!

(And you can just go ahead and ignore those spots on the carpet that look like stains...there MUST be something wrong with my camera. Because I DO NOT have stains on every square inch of the carpet in this house.)

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