Monday, January 12, 2009

blogger + mac = mad marcy

I really do not like my mac computer. Is it an imac? Or is that only the notebook ones??? I told Kevin from the beginning that I have never liked macs. Had to use them in college for a whole semester and I hated them. I am a PC girl! Don't get me wrong, I love Apple...ipod and iphone are awesome. HATE the computer. I want a new PC laptop for my birthday.
It takes me forever to load pictures to blogger, or to do anything on the internet, for that matter. And cutting and pasting??? Does that even exist in the world of mac? That is the main reason I don't blog too often--it takes forever to get my pictures on. And without pictures, let's face it, my blog is downright boring! My words are lame.
So, anyway, to sum it up, I am done with the mac. I have a birthday in 9 days. Maybe my sweet hubby will read this and head on down to the Best Buy...I really like those little Dells that you can get in any color. Pink would be rad!


Jen and Ryan said...

I understand your pain. Ryan got me ilife 08 and I can't get anything to work now. Especially uploading photos to blogger. (PS- If you press apple C for cut or apple V for paste that should work for your mac). I like my photo and video editing better on my mac but most other things I'm a PC girl too.

Emily said...

This just makes my heart sad! Just get a new mouse. :)

Uncle D and Aunt J said...

Whatever it takes to get you to blog, I agree you need a Pink Dell laptop. I disagree with you though that your words are lame. You made me laugh with this post and the dinner conversation.