Monday, December 8, 2008


My dad and I took the boys to Casa Manana to see Rudolph yesterday. This was my boys' first experience with live theater...unless you count High School Musical on Ice???
Anyway, I wish you could take pictures inside because the looks on those sweet faces when they saw Santa and Frosty and Rudolph...Precious! They were so good and had such a great time. Andy looked through the playbill and decided that he wanted to see just about everything listed. Especially CATS, because that is his favorite animal. (That is an exact quote!) He told Kevin tonight that he got to see the REAL Rudolph. He was also quite impressed that the REAL Santa was there to be in the show. :)
It is so much fun to watch them grow up and take in new things and try to process it all. They amaze me with the things they know.

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Nana said...

I loved Cat's and when it comes back to Bass Hall I volunteer to take him. It may be a little scary for him though.