Sunday, September 28, 2008

oh, wait, i forgot...

I forgot to say that Kevin's injured hand is his right hand and the most injured finger is his ring finger. His pinky is also pretty bad. Fortunately, he is left-handed, so he can still write. And text, thank goodness!
I thought that was important for the story, but I forgot to mention it in the post. That is why we edit our posts before publishing!
And the way the whole thing happened is that he has a winch (yes, it's a real thing, Neesie, not just a person) on the front of his Jeep and he wanted to respool it to make the cable straight. So once it was almost all the way in, he was holding it to keep it straight and pushed the lever the wrong way, which sucked his hand into the spool instead of reversing.
And, since his right hand is currently lame, he can't even drive the stupid Jeep, because it's a stick shift.
And, do you watch The Office? I love that show!


Jen and Ryan said...

So... I'm up late catching up on blogs since we were in no internet land this weekend. I didn't know he had a Jeep. We're Jeep people. We sold ours the first time that gas hit $3.00 back in 2005 but we'll get another one one day.

We're Office junkies but we don't have cable or rabbit ears so we wait until the next day and watch it online. I freakin LOVE Jim and Pam!! :)

Judy said...

Thanks for posting. Sorry to hear about Kevin's accident but thankful that he didn't have a serious injury. Have a great week!

deneise said...

you are such a winch!! :)